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At Vantage Priming, we’re passionate about good products, exceptional service, and positive team spirit. We understand how valuable your time is, which is why we will leave no stone unturned in order to find the right solution for you. Our strength lies in the fact that we are not one man dependent firm, we have collaborated with the industry experts from different industries as independent speakers and trainers, to give our clients an open environment to initiate a mutual learning process through a two-way brainstorming, discussion, and training program under one roof. With a single aim to spread SUSTAINABILITY, the first of its kind PRIMING firm. 

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Let's add Value

Are you Ready for final interview?

More than 90% students fail at the interview process!!

but with us, you have an edge!! 

Prepare for interviews from your first year! 

work not on resume writing, but Resume BUILDING! 

Be a part of an exclusive experience sharing program with the best in industry mentors!!

Get feedback from industry experts and HR 

Apply to top companies with the help of our placement cell with an experience of more than 20 years in the Industry.


About Us

 Vantage Priming opened its doors in 2016 and has been providing great services since then. What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to customize our offering to customers’ needs, as well as our fantastic team of specialists. The program is widely known as the soft skill training program, the mode of delivery and the corporate people associated with us make all the difference and gives us our USP

No matter how unique or challenging your request is, you can count on us to find the right solution for you. 

Sustainable Employability Skill priming programs offered by vantage are one of its kind offerings. The programs include Sessions on physical, psychological and social aspects of Personality Development, Image Management, Career development, together with a comprehensive soft skills and life skills Priming curriculum. It also provides practical exposure with the support of industry experts, so you know it well, how to deal with organizational issues well in advance you enter into the corporate world. These are ideal programs for people aspiring to get into a corporate or starting their own businesses.
The following document takes you on you
the entire journey with us, following the benefits of enrolling
for the sessions.

Our Services



  • Resume Building
  • Business Etiquette and Mannerisms
  • Decision Making, Attitude and change management
  • Social Media Networking and Personal Branding
  • Anger Management and overcoming anxiety
  • Team Building and Team Work



  • Communication and Time Management
  •  Why is Why Important, Growth Process and Survival of the fittest
  • Career Plan, Sustainable Employability and Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Group Discussion and Personal Interview
  • Personality Development & First Impression

Industry Interface


At Vantage Priming, students are offered a one on one interaction with the Industry expert and an opportunity to face a mock interview with the HR and People from top corporate. This will help students prepare for the role, as well as understand the career graph.



We understand the need of the institutions, students and the parents, and therefore we believe in a semester-long program, rather than giving students a one-day training session prior to the company visits. Keeping this in mind, the entire program is built and attached which can further be executed as per the clients need and demand.

Any such training will be useless if it does not boost the placement numbers, therefore, we come up with the solution by bringing along our placement team with an experience of over 20 years.

About Us

Mr. Sunveer Singh Bhambra


With an experience of over 10 years into various domains, Mr Sunveer Singh Bhambra, apart from being an elusive Healthcare Professional is also a seasoned sustainability expert.

As the founding member and a Sustainability Consultant with Vantage Priming, believes in Sustainable Employment practices , Mr Bhambra has proven expertise into the field of Healthcare Management being associated with Property Management and Educational Performance in his earlier stages of career.

Mr Bhambra is an extensive believer in Sustainability Practices, whatever can Sustain, Must. As he believes, achieving an objective and maintaining the achievement is sustainability. 

Be employable first and remain employable is sustainable employability. Post his Management qualification from Manipal University in to Operations and Business Engineering, he has also been Certified with LEAN-Six Sigma Strategical Excellence cases.

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Ms. Khushbu Bhardwaj


The shift in her personality from a typical non responsive middle bench student and an introvert back office personality to becoming the founding member of vantage priming has a lot to do with her craving for continuous learning and working on new and innovative projects. Meeting new people and sharing experiences and knowledge is something that gives her immense pleasure and is a reason to her happiness. If you are from early 90s you know, very few get a chance to follow their passion, She is one among those, and this keeps her motivated. Her idea of living is short, In her words, "when the universe we live in is limitless, what is the point limiting ourselves?" And possibly which is why she is a a proud sustainability trainer and speaker for schools, colleges and corporate, research scholar, working in the field of professional and personal sustainability, Treasurer and event organizer of an NGO 'traffic Tutor' working towards  traffic regulations and awareness, a passionate blogger, Learning and Development Trainer at The IIS University and a lifelong student.

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In my clinical practice, I often come across young professional feeling disillusioned with their work. A lot of them complain about feeling directionless quite early in their careers. Many of them are concerned about not doing impactful work.

I think it's important not to romanticize our work and build unreal expectations of constant excitement and heroic impact in the world because of it. We must realize that all work will involve routines that we may not feel particularly excited by all the time.

The focus early in career should be towards taking ownership of one’s own work and development in it. This involves bringing solutions to the table. One should share ideas with their superiors on improving metrics that matter to them. One must also take initiative to ensure that at least quarterly one-on-one meet ups with seniors is scheduled. Meetings such as these are great platforms to share one’s progress, ideas and ambitions going forward.

 Ms. Pallavi Tomar 

Chief Clinical Psychologist

From Improving us on communication skills to bridging the gap between us and multinationals... She is doing fabulous efforts...

Khushbu Ma'am indeed you are a great inspiration

Huge Respect.

 Ms. Chetana Agarwal 

We had a session by Vantage Priming in our college and I feel really proud to tell that the session was absolutely amazing and also encouraging.

After attending this session I have realized that we are capable of doing everything in this world but with relevant skills and to impart those skills we need to work upon ourselves. I realized that nothing is impossible to do, it's just that we need to work hard, not to stay quiet but too speak whether it is in front of 10,100 or 1000 people we need to have that confidence level, and after attending the session I proudly say that my confidence level has definitely gone up. So all thanks to the speakers of Vantage Priming, that is,Ms Khushbu Bhardwaj, Ms Deepika Sharma and Mr Sunveer Singh Bambra for the motivation given to all students.

 Ms. Divya Dewani 

 The session was in kanoria College and I really loved it. I learned a lot of things there. It was a practical session that made things more clear and simple for us. Thank you for giving us such useful information. 

 Ms. Parul Lala 

For managers, three things are important to get right based on some research that has been done by economists. First is to solve for Purpose. Manager must invest time in defining ‘Why?’ for the their teams. 

Second is to provide Autonomy. Employers must invest in giving autonomy to their employees to take decisions at their levels. Without the ability to take calls, the work environment can feel dull and repetitive. But at the same time, the degree of Autonomy should depend on the third factor. 

The third and final aspect is path to Mastery. Employees should be able to see themselves developing a skill. There are  three levels of mastery according to Japanese philosophy ‘Shu Ha Ri’. The first is to obey - this is where one is an apprentice and must obey. The second stage is to detach - this is where an apprentice has learnt the basic principles of job, and now can take decisions not necessarily as defined by managers but based on context of the situation. The final stage is to be a true Master when they can define new processes and evolve new techniques themselves. 

Mr. Tarun

Vice President-Practo

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